Reviews for Te Aro Physiotherapy

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I went to see Jen during this week and I was struggling to walk due to extremely painful shin splints. She gave me some really good advice and I felt a huge amount better the next day, while it won't be a quick fix I certainly feel relived that I have someone I trust looking after it! Thank you so much for your help!!!!!

Rebekah Lee

Te Aro Physiotherapy has been providing work place assessments for our staff for many years. We can rely on them to provide really practical and pragmatic advice to help staff dealing with discomfort. They are great at tailoring their service to meet our needs, whether it just a quick check when we've made changes or a more comprehensive assessment when there is a problem. Our staff are always much happier after Te Aro Physio has been for a visit!

Julia Ewing-Jarvie, Corporate Services Manager Office of Film and Literature Classification

I recently competed in an event which I wouldn't have been able to do without the help of Jason from Te Aro Physiotherapy. He helped me with rehab and stability exercises for a long term knee problem as well as short term management to help me keep up with my training schedule. He gave me excellent advice and very clear explanations of what was wrong and what I should be doing. I would highly recommend Te Aro Physiotheraphy.

Holly Denton

Great physiotherapists for dancers and active people looking to return to training as quickly as possible. Have been to see Jason and Inge for knee and ankle injuries as well as injury due to long distance running and have found them to be awesome at returning me to full functional fitness, would highly recommend!

Ella Bryant

The team at Te Aro Physiotherapy are great. I regularly come in with different bumps, bruises and injuries from competing in combat sport and they do their best to fix me up and keep me fit and well. This has helped me to succeed in my sport over the last year.

Alexi Serepisos (Muay Thai World Champion)

Running itself doesn't cause injury... It is all about how you do it and conditioning. I learnt that the hard way. From crazy track sessions and religious long runs (20-30km +) I always use to get pains, pulled muscles and even the odd break. I finally hit breaking point when I could no longer run and even walking was painful. Jason at Te Aro Physio located where all my running troubles were coming from (which no doctor or coach has ever been able to do), heal from my injuries and taught me how to keep my body conditioned for. Since seeing Te Aro Physio I am no longer injured and can get through my training session with a healthy body. Highly recommend to anyone who is chronologically injured.

Sanna Fourt-Wells

A few years ago, I tore my calf muscle just before I was due to run a marathon in Japan. Another physio mucked me around and didn’t tell me what the injury would mean, so I came to see Jason instead. He gave me the straight-up info I needed to make an informed decision about whether to run or not. I’ve returned to him with every subsequent injury, which thankfully has not been too often. He always gives straight-up, helpful advice that gets me back running competitively again, but more importantly he always addresses the underlying cause of the injury. Jason helped get me get past an injury and onto the start-line of the NZ Mountain Running Champs this year.

Stephen Day (International Mountain Running Competitor)

I have found these physiotherapists to do awesome work with treating injuries, creating awareness on preventing future injuries with corrective exercises and techniques. Highly recommend Te Aro Physiotherapy Jason and Sophie for dance/acrobatics/gymnastic specific injuries.

Imelda Jacobs

Great Physio. Just been through 5 months ACL rehab with Shane. An expert with this injury. Back running up to 20kms and back on the football field faster then usual or expected. Excellent service

Rob Vorstermans

I was having issues with my back and neck in relation to my posture. It was awesome working with Sophie to regain my mobility and relieve pain. Using her knowledge of the Mckenzie Method, guasha and massage, I was able to relieve these issues.

Hannah Roache

I am a 51 year old recreational runner (who) needed treatment for a strained calf muscle and a sore knee resulting from an irritated IT band. I valued the approach that Sophie took to my treatment… She introduced a series of exercises, monitored that I was doing them correctly and added to these as I improved… Since I completed treatment, I am running regularly again but have also implemented some ongoing Pilates and strength work into my routine. I love running… and Sophie has been a big part of ensuring that I can keep this up.

Gabe O’Brien

I am a woman in my mid 70s who was recovering from a hip revision (a re-do of a hip replacement). Sophie's sessions were tailor-made for my situation coping with other arthritic joints. She explained clearly why each exercise was suggested. I visited the orthopaedic surgeon recently and he was very impressed with my recovery. I am very pleased with the results of all the work. Thank you Sophie.

Hilary Calder