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physiotherapy consultation

We provide a full range of physiotherapy services, from treating acute injuries - sports and spinal - to gradual process injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation and performance enhancement. We work closely with local surgeons and sports physicians to ensure continuity of care and quick referrals.

An initial consultation usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes, and follow-ups take 30 minutes, depending on your condition.  Your 30 minute physiotherapy appointment will involve twenty five minutes assessment and treatment. For the remaining five minutes, our physiotherapist will dedicate to completing your clinical notes. For the best care towards your rehabilitation, please may we ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. For new patients to the Clinic, please arrive a few minutes earlier to complete our registration form.


Private Initial Appointment:
Private Follow-up Appointment:                        $85.00

ACC  Initial Appointment:                                        
ACC  Follow-up Appointment:                              $45.00

Student rates - discounted for students supporting themselves

Private Initial Appointment :
Private Follow-up Appointment:                        $75.00

ACC  Initial Appointment:                                       
ACC  Follow Up Appointment:                             $40.00



- Material charges may apply.

- Report Fee for onward referrals is $25.

We are an endorsed provider for ACC. This means ACC pays most of your treatment costs when your injury is accident related. This may include assistance towards the cost of purchasing moon boots or knee braces or loan of crutches.

We also provide onsite services, please contact us for more information.

Dance specific

Dance Specific

Strained your knee coming out of a renverse? Struggling to get over your pointe shoes correctly? We speak your language!

Te Aro Physiotherapy has been providing dance specific physiotherapy services for almost two decades. We treat, and help prevent, common dance injuries. We are currently the physiotherapists for Footnote Dance Company and have previously provided physiotherapy for many years for the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Whitireia Performing Arts School. We have also worked with individuals from the New Zealand Dance Company, as well as dancers and performers from touring dance companies around the world.

We work with dance teachers, podiatrists, exercise specialists, and sports physicians, to achieve the best outcome for you.

Dance Assessment

Within the clinic we carry out dance assessments for dance school auditions. These assessments consist of orthopaedic screening that are completed by physiotherapists from the clinic who worked with The New Zealand School of Dance, and Footnote New Zealand Dance. Assessment take one hour, and are $150.


Sport specific

Sport Specific

All our staff are keen sportspeople, and they understand the demands of performing at a high level. We have the knowledge and expertise to treat - and prevent - injuries in a wide range of sports, from cycling and skiing to hockey and football. We have special interest in endurance sports, such as running, triathlon, multi sports.

We have good relationships with local sports physicians, and we're happy to work directly with coaches to help prevent injuries during training and on the sports field.

We also work closely together with well-trained and experienced massage therapists, who know the needs of the body of a high performing athlete. Two of them work out of Te Aro Physiotherapy and bookings can be made through Te Aro Physiotherapy.

exercise prescription



We offer therapeutic, sports specific and relaxation massage at our clinic as well as lymphatic drainage. This can be a complimentary treatment to exercise, physiotherapy and Pilates or a stand-alone treatment. We have a well experienced massage therapist in our team.



30 mins
45 mins
60 mins
30 mins (student rate)
45 mins (student rate)
60 mins (student rate)

Please contact the clinic for an appointment.


Trigger point needling

Trigger Point Needling

What is trigger point needling?

The Chinese believe that a person's well-being is the result of a balance between Yin and Yang energies within the body. Western medicine has now adopted the use of this 6000-year-old approach to healing and well-being. Research has shown that trigger point needling influences the nervous system to assist the body's normal healing and pain-relieving mechanisms.

What to expect:

Your therapist will fully explain the trigger point needling procedure and obtain your consent before beginning treatment.  Physiotherapists at Te Aro Physiotherapy have post-graduate qualifications in 'dry needling' or trigger point needling. The clinic complies with the highest standards of medical hygiene and we use only sterile, disposable needles. Our Receptionist can book you in for trigger point needling upon request when making an appointment. 

Acupuncture is funded by ACC and also by many medical insurance companies. There is a material charge of $5.00 for each session.


Exercise Prescription

Exercise Prescription

Te Aro Physiotherapy & Pilates combines clinical expertise with the best evidence and exercise equipment to help you reach your goals.  We will tailor exercises to your needs and level, including:

  • specific exercises to manage your lower back or neck pain
  • stabilising and strengthening programmes to prevent spinal injuries
  • specific loading strategies for injured tendons
  • a sports/dance enhancing programme
  • postural education and strengthening
  • Pilates based mat classes or individual sessions


exercise prescription

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy means "hands-on" therapy. Manual therapy includes soft tissue release, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation.

Our physiotherapists are all trained in manual therapy and some also have postgraduate qualifications in manipulative therapy and the Mulligan Concept. Most of us belong to the Manipulative Therapists Association,  we practice safe techniques, and we are constantly updating our skills.

We use "hands-on" therapy in conjunction with other types of therapy to help treat and prevent injuries. Manipulation is mostly used for spinal problems, and it is considered to be a safe and effective treatment when it is combined with specific exercises and postural changes.


McKenzie Therapy

McKenzie Therapy

McKenzie Therapy, or Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT), is a framework for diagnosing and treating spinal injuries that is used world-wide and has been proven to be effective. Click here to get to the McKenzie International website for more information.

What you can expect from your MDT-trained physiotherapist

    • thorough examination, including extensive history-taking
    • evidence-based and up-to-date assessment skills and treatment
    • accurate diagnosis and prognosis of your lower back or neck symptoms
    • advice on posture and daily activities
    • tailored exercises to decrease and abolish your symptoms
    • education on self-management skills to prevent recurrences
    • referral for x-rays or to a specialist where necessary
    • mobilisation and manipulation where necessary.


    Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates is Pilates that has withstood the rigorous selection criteria of evidence-based practice. It is a safe way to facilitate core muscles and it is designed to help you recover from injuries and prevent further musculoskeletal problems, as well as enhance your posture and movement patterns. Our Pilates instructors are all fully qualified physiotherapists.



    Clinical Pilates mat classes:

    • are for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level
    • are a safe way to improve your flexibility, core strength and posture
    • have a maximum of 8 participants
    • are held in the evenings, from 5pm to 7pm
    • are taught in six-week blocks at beginner level. 

    Individual sessions:

    • are for everyone
    • are tailored to your needs and goals
    • are suitable for people with spinal problems and other musculoskeletal conditions
    • includes all gym and Pilates equipment
    • includes a thorough assessment prior to exercise prescription.


    6-week Beginners/Intermediate Block:         $ 120.00

    Casual Beginners Pilates: $30 drop in class or $168 for 6 sessions

    Individual sessions:

    30 minutes - $45.00

    40 minutes - $60.00

    60 minutes - $ 90.00

    Contact us for details about the next beginners class, to book your individual session or for further questions.


    Worksite Assessment

    Worksite Assessment

    Good work posture and proper ergonomic set-up can prevent discomfort, pain and injury in the workplace.  Our work-site assessors will help make sure that you - and your staff - have the right working environment to protect from injury. We already provide occupational health services to a number of private businesses and government agencies in Wellington.

    Our assessors are fully trained physiotherapists with a special interest and skills in occupational health. We are members of the Occupational Health Special Interest Group within our profession, and we regularly attend meetings and conferences.

    If you experience discomfort while working:

    • contact your supervisor or Human Resource Manager
    • report your discomfort early and ask for a work-site assessment
    • contact us for further information and to book a work-site assessment

    Visit the following website for some helpful information and to get the basics right:

    Sports Team Sponsorship

    Sports Team Sponsorship

    We are keen to get involved with local sports team by providing services in injury prevention, recovery and safe participation.
    We have many experienced and qualified Physios who are also active sports players and have a strong understanding of high level performance involved in different sports. We also offer well trained and experienced massage therapist who can assist with different needs of the body of a high performing athlete.
    If you are a local sports team and currently seeking a Physiotherapy clinic to be a part of your team then get in contact with us in relation to our sponsorship deal.

    We offer discounted Physiotherapy appointments for sponsored team members.

    Contact to enquire for more information.

    (photo of Johnsonville Rugby Club)